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Lord Henry Enterprises, Inc. is an online retailer of doorbells, door chimes, entrance and exit alarms, driveway alarms, security cameras, and other home improvement and security products. We offer a turn-key affiliate program that offers a wide range of products and varying support options. Whether you are a publisher who wants to promote our products on your blog our want us to maintain a site for you, our content management system was designed in house and is best in-class.

Features of the Lord Henry Enterprises, Inc. Affiliate Program:

  • Large selection of aged keyword rich domains to choose from
  • Over 500 products in stock ready for you to market; more products added monthly
  • A+ BBB rating with solid 14 year reputation
  • Rock solid content management system allows you to fully customize product offering
  • Lord Henry Enterprises, Inc. will handle all customer facing issues for you like customer service, shipping, returns, etc.
  • Domain registration, hosting, customer service and vendor management is all handled by us, freeing your time to do what you do best, market products

Whether you are an experienced marketer or a entrepreneur who has always wanted to run their own business, Lord Henry Enterprises has a package for you.

Driveway Alarm Systems: Lord Henry offers only the highest quality Driveway Alarms and entrance alerts. The wireless driveway sensor is activated when a car, truck, or other object enteres your driveway and chimes the receiver. This product, The Driveway Informer™, is the best product on the market today. The driveway sensor activating the chime monitors the driveway or other area where you might want to detect motion of movement picked up by the security sensor.

LED Candles and LED Lighting: The battery powered candles by Carlon are simply the best around. The "cool to the touch" LED bulb practically lasts a lifetime and look as realistic as a flameless candle can loo. Also carried by Lord Henry are Carlon Battery Powered LED lights are perfect to put in an area where you cannot run wiring like closets, bathrooms, and halways.

 Dummy camera

Security Mirrors, Safety Mirrors, Convex Mirrors
Our products come from one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of Acrylic, Glass, DuraMir, Polycarbonate, and other types of constructions.

The mirrors are manufactured by starting with the very finest quality acrylic, mirroring it, and then combining it with the utmost in engineering - resulting in the highest quality safety and security mirrored products in the world today.

Door Entry Chimes and Alerts:
Dimango is the largest manufacturer of doorbells in North America! Installing a wireless battery doorbell or door chime in your home is an easy do-it-yourself process that requires no wiring! Simply install batteries into the button and receiver - the system is ready to sound! A variety of styles and options are available, ranging from economy models to sophisticated multi-location models that ring with different sounds. A selection of sound options are available as well, from a simple "Ding Dong" to "Beethoven's 5 th Symphony." Your wireless system can be expanded by adding a compatible Dimango receiver (to hear the sound in another location) or button (to hear different sounds at your front and back door.) Dimango Wireless Doorbells and Door Chimes add convenience and value to your home!




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